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    Who We Are

    The Dynamic Allocation Strategies Team is a discretionary global macro manager that implements investment decisions through broad long and short macro strategies – asset class, currency, country, industry, duration, credit, style, size, theme, commodity, and volatility. A seasoned team of investment professionals makes qualitative investment decisions that are rooted in economic and financial theory and grounded in a quantitatively rigorous framework. The result is a long track record of superior investment performance in diverse market environments.

    Investment Process

    The goal of our three-stage investment process is to generate superior investment performance that mitigates downside risk. The investment process comprises:

    Fundamental Valuation: Discrepancies between market prices and fundamental values provide the basis for the direction of the investment team’s macro positions.

    Market Behavior Analysis:
    Understanding the reasons why market price deviates from fundamental value is vital to the timing of investment positions. For example, we believe option markets afford insight into the risk seeking and averting behaviors of market participants.

    Risk Capital Allocation:
    The Dynamic Allocation Strategies team's proprietary forward-looking risk capital allocation process calibrates the magnitude of portfolio strategies to risk-adjusted return opportunities. We manage risk capital across the entire portfolio, not within arbitrary currency, fixed-income, or equity silos. We seek to penetrate silo boundaries that to enhance our investment success.

    Options are a critical element of our strategy. In our opinion, non-linear strategies simultaneously capture volatility opportunities and manage downside performance.

    Our objective is to generate long-term, superior investment performance. We believe our global reach and perspective, 20 years of fundamental valuation expertise, disciplined application of rigorous financial and economic theory, independent investment research, and continual improvement through a culture of collaboration, intellectual challenge, open exploration of ideas, and hard work will enable us to meet our objective. We believe this will produces downside risk dampening and superior long-term returns.

    In order to be nimble, the team liaises daily to assess developing situations and strategy opportunities, discussing where to take risk and how much risk is appropriate. Weekly Investment Committee meetings afford the opportunity to scrutinize our investment analysis, strategies, and portfolio risks from a number of diverse cultural and intellectual perspectives. Our investment organization centers on collaboration, independence, and continual intellectual challenge.

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